👨🏽‍🍳Our wide variety of Chokhas, will delight your tastebuds👩🏼‍🍳


.Choose from a wide variety of our delicious Chokhas paired with your choice of Sada Roti or Fry Bake. 



Chokhas available:

- Aloo Chokha 

- Eddoes Chokha 

- Roast Baigan 

- Roast Tomatoes 

- Fried Ochro 

- Tasty Pumpkin 

- Sautéed Bhagi 

- Salt fish Buljol 

- Smoked Herring 

- Coconut Chutney 

-Roast pepper

-Curry mango 



-Geera chicken 

(Choose 1 or all, Your Choice) 



The Rotary Club of Princes Town Presents Our 29th Annual CHOKHAFEST🥙


🌤27 August 2022

📍Pointe-a-Pierre Golf Club Ballroom

⏰3-6pm (Dine in | Takeaway)

🎟 $125TT 



Contact any member of the @rotaryptown or 706-8181 or 684-6555 to purchase your tickets. 

(Your contribution supports our scholarship fund) 


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