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Following the mandate to establish the Rotary Club of Princes Town given to Attorney at Law Rotarian Hendrickson Seunath by District Governor Fred Lam, the first meeting was held on October 21st, 1992. This was conducted by District Governor's Special Representative Rotarian Hendrickson Seunath and the District Governor's Extension Aide Rotarian Sadiq Baksh. We were subsequently granted Provisional Status on November 11th 1992. The total process to become chartered took approximately 11 months and we became a reality on May 7th 1993, when we received our charter instruments. Our sponsor club was the Rotary Club of san Juan under the Presidency of Rotarian Sadiq Baksh.
After having secured its charter from Rotary International on the 07th May 1993 and continuing in existence to date, the Rotary Club of Princes Town Trinidad and Tobago, towards its intended objective of charitable service by “Service above Self”, long beyond the lives of its existing members, resolved to Incorporate to provide for its continuation in perpetuity and the added advantages of providing service through Incorporation.

On the 11th July 2014 the Club obtained its Certificate of Incorporation as a non-profit Company limited by guarantee and members now serve as agents to “Light up Rotary” without the risks of personal liability in the furtherance of their charitable endeavours.

The Incorporation which was undertaken with the full approval of Rotary International, the Club’s Board of Directors and membership was spearheaded by Attorney at Law Ms. Debbie Roopchand of the Firm of Ernest H. Koylass & Co. as a service to the Club.