Rcpt meeting 12-10-22
The meeting of 12th October 2022 was a very exciting and informative one for the Rotary Club of Princes Town.
Dr Gobin in his capacity as Membership Director, coordinated the two-fold educational meeting, edifying the members on Breast Cancer in commemoration of Breast Cancer Awareness month (October) and teaching the members CPR for infants and adults (demonstrated by Rot Miranda).
First off Nurse Miranda Ramjattan, a Rotarian of the RCPT who is also a Certified American Heart Association CPR/ BLS/ First Aid/ AED instructor demonstrated the steps of performing CPR and other resuscitation techniques on Infants, Children and Adults. In her teaching, she also included an approach to drowning and choking individuals.
Each Rotarian was given the opportunity to practice these newly acquired skills on mannequins which she provided.
A most enlightening experience indeed!
The meeting transitioned into the second segment with a discussion on Breast Cancer Screening done by Dr. Ronald Gobin, a charter Rotarian of the RCPT.
He impressed upon the members the importance of self breast exams and other screening methods used in Detection of breast lumps and other breast diseases. He implored each female Rotarian to be conscious of changes in their bodies and start the appropriate screening when the time was right.
All in all, this was a regular meeting with a diffence; in which the talents and expertise within our very own Club was utilized to bring about learning opportunities and life changing knowledge in our very members.