The Diabetes Awareness and Education Program Finals were held on Thursday June 28th at the Princes Town West Secondary School where the top three students from the participating sixteen (16) schools were given the Final Quiz to complete. 

After completion of the quiz, Deputy Speaker of Parliament and the Member of Parliament for Princes Town, Nela Khan addressed the children and teachers on diabetes and its long term effects on society.  She urged the children to lead more active lifestyle and have a balance between their studies and physical outdoor activities.

The list of schools that were part of the 2011-2012 program are:

Jordan Hill Presbyterian                       Biche R.C

Princes Town R.C                                Navet Presbyterian

Princes Town Presbyterian No. 2         Rio Claro APS Vedic

St. Stephens A.C.                                Guayaguayare R.C

Iere Government                                 St. Thomas R.C

Princes Town Presbyterian No. 1          Ortoire R.C

Princes Town Methodist                        Mayaro Government

Princes Town ASJA                               Biche Presbyterian


 The top five winners of the Diabetes Competition are as follows:

First Place-Sharon Madhoo,  Biche Presbyterian

Second Place -Davell Hernandez-Ortoire R.C. 

Third Place-Lioness Seerathan-Mayaro Government

Fourth Place-Malique John-Guayaguayare R,C.  

Fifth Place-Dominic Wheeler-Ortoire R.C.

The top five winners each received a gift certificate for a Vizta Tablet PC TAB-720V! These will be presented to the students at their respective schools.