President Jim lays out what it means to be a Rotarian at the induction ceremony of our three newest people of action.

Canton Palace, San Fernando (16th October 2019) – Rotarians and members of the public attending the Club’s “Dinner and Discussion” forum were treated to the induction of 3 new Rotarians into the club and an inspired conversation with His Excellency Mr. Bishaishwar “Cammie” Ramsaroop-Maraj, High Commissioner of Guayana to Trinidad. 

The evenings proceedings saw three People of Action being welcomed into the Club. Ms Aniera Bhagwansingh (Classification: Law), Mr. Hamza Khan (Classification: Oil and Gas), and Mr. Darren Harrylal (Classification: Business) are the newest members to join the good work of improving lives in Trinidad and Tobago under the Rotary banner. They each expressed their commitment to being part of collective humanitarian projects and giving back to their communities in their reception address.

After a delightful dinner provided by Canton Palace Restaurant, attendees were then enthralled by Mr. Ramsaroop-Marsh’s feature address, “Investment Opportunities In Guyana” - an apt topic as the October is considered Rotary International’s Economic and Social Development Month. Guyana is earmarked to be the regions faster growing economy in the coming years as their GDP will expand 10-fold due to the recent oil and gas discovery, and burgeoning service sectors. Guests were told of the various opportunities for investment in Guyana across all sectors including but not limited to: agriculture, healthcare, education, ICT, oil and gas and tourism. Mr. Ramsaroop-Maraj also fielded questions Rotarians and the public regarding Guyana’s capacity for industry and the technical procedures for establishing a business in Guyana. 

The evening also saw the drawing of a raffle, and the distribution of tokens of appreciation to our featured speakers. 

The club is especially grateful for the support of our fellow Clubs who journeyed for near and far for this event. Thank you Rotary Club Of Chaguanas, The Rotary Club of Sangre Grande, Rotary San Fernando - Oficial Rotary Club of Point Fortin Rotary Club of Point-a-Pierre.