Fully clad in dazzling Indian-wear, Rotarians, partners-in-service and friends-of-Rotary gathered at President Jim’s residence for an evening of fellowship in honor of Divali.

The sun set saw visitors preparing tables, laying out diyas, and hanging decorations. The smell of roti and hot curry wafted through the air. 

Chaired by Rot. Jhavon Felmine and Rot. Dr. Ronald Gobin the event stimulates all senses with the best of East Indian culture. Ms. Gabrielle de Young wowed with two masterful dance pieces. You wouldn’t believe your eyes. Our ears were soothed by the keyboard renditions of Ms. Anushka Gobin. And of course, taste buds were blown away with a menu that included: buss-up-shot, pumpkin, channa and aloo, mango amchar, rice and kurhi. 

The evening featured Brahama Kumari Payal of the Raja Yoga Centre who delivered a feature address that centered on the meaning of Divali. She urged the attentive audience to internalize the true meaning of the celebration so that there is a spiritual and mental transformation to compliment the physical. 

She noted: “As we wear new clothes, let’s also get rid of our unwanted, disturbed habits of anger, jealousy, worry...and emerge our new but original qualities of peace, love, bliss and happiness. 

Let us clean our hearts and let go of the hurt that we are holding on to, light the flames of wisdom, will the mind space with love and bliss of the almighty and as we do so, radiate the same to others around us.”

Indeed joy and love filled the atmosphere as members of the Raja Yoga Centre joined in on the “pick a pan” and Rotary Fashion show - brining a memorable evening to a close.