On October 9th 2022, the members of the Rotary Club of Princes Town gathered at the Clintos Pool Resort for their Family Day 2022-2023. It was a fun filled day, with a focus on good food and a great time. The event was attended by Rotarians together with their friends and families for a much needed time of bonding and respite.
The menu was vast, including BBQ chicken which was done onsite by our in-house Rotary chefs as is the custom. Other sumptuous items were fried rice, French fries, paratha roti, channa and aloo and a Club favourite, Curry Duck.
There was also an endless supply of snacks and multiple cakes for dessert.
There were continuous fun activities throughout the day to keep everyone of all ages occupied and fully entertained.
The kids enjoyed their time in the pool, remaining safe while doing so under close supervision by members of the ScoutsTT organization.
The entertainment proceeded with games such as Balloon overhead, wet T-shirt, ball in pool, musical chairs, Cards and Dominoes. Each game emerging with a team of winners gaining prizes and bragging rights until next year. Of course, the most hilariously competitive events were the Beer drinking and watermelon eating contests.
Everyone managed to have a grand time of enjoyment and relaxation in a beautiful environment with lots of eats and drinks to satisfy all cravings.
The RCPT works very hard in its charitable efforts and we also play hard!