A Form 6 student from Princes Town was diagnosed with Keratoconus (an eye disease that affects the structure of the cornea, resulting in loss of vision) when he was a child. Cross-linking surgery was performed twice (the maximum number of times it can be done) but he developed scarring and worsening of vision and wore scleral lens to preserve his eye function and prevent rupturing of his eye.  Both eyes were affected so complete visual impairment was a real possibility. He attended the Eye Clinic at the San Fernando General Hospital but the clinic was unable to assist with the surgery which is only offered privately in Trinidad at a considerable cost.

Even though the surgery was deemed critical, the student wanted to write his CAPE 2 examinations before his surgery as he intends to further his studies after his recovery period from the surgery.  After his final examination, he was seen by his Eye Doctor who determined that he needed emergency surgery as the disease had progressed rapidly and surgery was performed two days later.

The Club was made aware of his plight and contributed $10,000 towards the cost of his surgery.  The student is currently recuperating and well on the way to recovery as he is eager to further his tertiary studies.
Photo Below: Director Dr. Lindsey Aziz presents the cheque to the parent of the Form 6 student