Shazad Hoosein or the Candyman, is a single parent who has been taking care of his daughter since she was six months old. He is afflicted with Keratoconus (an eye disease that affects the structure of the cornea, resulting in loss of vision) and has been selling candy to support his daughter who is now nine years old.

He receives public assistance however this does not cover the cost of his rent, food and medical expenses. His goal is to have his own home so in the event he has his surgery and unable to earn an income, he would not have to worry about finding money to pay the rent and also his daughter will have a home to call her own.

Our Club contacted the Glimmer of Hope Foundation who is helping Mr Hoosein with the construction of his home and delivered a Cheque for $2,000 towards the materials to build the house to Mr Steve Khadoo on behalf of the Foundation.
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