The Rotary Club of Princes Town congratulates the team of Interactors representing Cowen Hamilton Secondary School at the National Secondary School Entrepreneurship Competition on their fantastic showing! 

After 6000 hours of training and against 700 other students, the team of 5 copped second place overall, and earned two special prizes for “Most Dedicated School” and “Most Dedicated Student”. The achievement was long awaited as the students placed 10th last year, and 50th in 2017.

The Interactors who comprised the team included: Sarah Ali, 18; Mya Samuel, 16; Anjaili Christopher, 17; Chris Ramdeen, 17 (Current Interact Club President); and Matthew McDowell, 17 (Interact IPP). 

We are so proud of these young men and women for their fantastic showing and dedication. Their tenacity and creative thinking towards solving problems assures us that they will become true Rotarians in years to come - tacking and solving some of the worlds greatest challenges. We salute your achievement! 

This achievement was published in as the featured article in the Trinidad Business Newsday on Thursday 5th December: