The Rotary Club of Princes Town conducted a Medical and Legal Aid Clinic on April 29th, 2012 at the village of Kernaham in Manzanilla.

Over 85 people were attended to by Doctors and over forty children of Primary and Secondary school age received school supplies, toiletries and benefitted from the free distribution of clothing.

Residents were tested for high blood pressure, high blood glucose levels, high cholesterol levels and some were prescribed medication.  Staff from Queen’s Park Counseling Centre was on hand to perform HIV/AIDS testing.

Rotarian Debbie Roopchand and Mr. Ernest H. Koylass, S.C., conducted a Legal Aid Clinic at Kernaham in conjunction with the Club’s Medical Outreach. They met and advised five (5) persons who had matters involving issues of adverse possession, cohabitation, landlord & tenant, custody, wills and probate.

Almost all the persons that benefitted from the Legal Aid Clinic expressed that they always wondered what their legal positions were but could not afford a Lawyer.