MEDICAL OUTREACH @persadsdfoodkingtrinidad PRINCES TOWN.
On the 16th April 2023 the Rotary Club of Princes Town completed it’s second Medical Health Clinic at Persad’s D Food King, Princes Town. As part of World Health Day, Persad's partnered with the Rotary Club of Princes town to offer free blood glucose, blood pressure and cholesterol testings, plus free medications, flu vaccines, health and Fitness consultation and Doctor Consultations to customers.
This was the 2nd Annual World Health Day at Persad’s D Food King Supercentre and over 100 persons took advantage of the free medical services on offer.
Kudos to PP Jim for working tirelessly to make sure all arrangements were in place. Many thanks to all those who put their contacts to great use and secured the 3 Doctors who joined us for the 1st time, Dr. Daniella Ramlal, Dr. Craig Khan and Dr. Avinash Chatergoon. Thank you to Rotarian Miranda who secured the vaccines and nurses, Jenelle Elie and Sadna Gangoo and thanks to PP Zobida, Nurses Salima Ramkissoon and the Diabetes Association Princes Town Branch for their continued support of our Medical Outreach programmes.
Well done to the 9 Rotarians and 9 Volunteers who participated and to all our members and supporters for making this ANOTHER SUCCESSFUL PROJECT OF THE ROTARY CLUB OF PRINCES TOWN.
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