On October 15th 2020, our Club had its first official meeting with DG Lisle Chase for this Rotary year. He was accompanied by District Secretary Soraya Warner-Gustave and AG Debbie Roopchand. In attendance from our Club were President Rishi Ramlogan, Secretary Ronald, Treasurer Bashir, IPP Jim and Directors Lindsey and Rudranath.
The DG's visit to a Club is usually a combination of business and pleasure as the opportunities to interact in person with our esteemed District Leader are typically few and in true Rotary fashion typically involves food. However, this year as we’ve all been forced to adapt to living in a Pandemic, with borders shut and gatherings limited, we each sat in our own homes/offices, sipped on our tea and enjoyed some quality time on Zoom with ‘Lisle’ as he instructed we refer to him, a most humble and ‘reverse-snob’ individual.
Our distinguished leader asked us to address him by his given name (Lisle) or we would be fined the cost of one PHF (Paul Harris Fellow) for calling him by his title (District Governor). I guess President Rishi is now two PHFs poorer (haha).
In this relaxed setting we were able to make our exchanges with the DG, outlining our plans for the year, what we’ve been able to achieve, what we’re having trouble achieving and what is yet to come. In response, the DG gave his opinions and offered invaluable advice backed by decades of experience and service in the fraternity.
All in all the first DG visit with the Rotary Club of Princes Town was a very successful event and we look forward to working with him for the remainder of the Rotary year and using the guidance which was shared with the Club.
Rotary District 7030