On January 25th 2012, the Atrium of Gulf City Mall was host to our Membership Drive and Rotary Awareness campaign to increase the level of public awareness of the concepts of Rotary and the humanitarian work that Rotary is involved in.

Our Club had on hand fifteen (15) Rotarians present to enlighten the passing patrons on the various arms of Rotary.  The Rotarian magazines, pamphlets, brochures, flyers were distributed to interested parties and a slide presentation highlighting the club’s activities for the past year were transposed on the wall of the Atrium for all to view.

This event proved fruitful for the Club as we garnered four (4) potential Rotarians at the end of this exercise.  The Club’s Membership Director , Rotarian Amraz Ali-Bocas will liaise with the interested persons and provide the necessary information required to them to make an informed decision about becoming a Rotarian.

Special thanks are extended to PP Jim and Partner in Service Tara for all the decorations, plants, banners and tablecloths for the event; IPP Kex and family who made their home available for our regular Wednesday meeting; Rotarian Rudy for transport of equipment and PP Wayne for organizing dinner.