November 25th is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women and our Club had the distinct privilege to have Pamela Zaballa, the Global Executive Director for and Danni Mohammed, the founder of Gentle Forces as guest speakers on domestic violence in Trinidad and Tobago at our virtual meeting held last night.
Pamela Zaballa has worked to support domestic and sexual violence victims in different roles, from frontline services as a refuge manager, setting up human trafficking services, and policy and communication roles developing successful campaigns such as Hidden Child and UK Says NO MORE. Throughout her career, Pamela has had a keen interest in pushing boundaries and developing tech-based solutions for victims of domestic and sexual violence such as specialist domestic violence CRM systems, apps-based solutions and the NO MORE Global Directory, the first-of-its-kind directory of domestic and sexual violence resources for over 200 countries. As a firm believer that all parties need to find a solution to gender-based violence throughout her career, she has developed partnerships with multiple governments, international organisations and global corporations.
Danni Mohammed has nearly two decades of experience where her instinct and drive has led her to redefine the status quo. Her passion and proof is taking old notions of creativity, business and strategy and freeing them from constraints and boundaries. Danni is at the forefront of industry provocation and creation; a seasoned strategy and transformation executive, Danni creates and delivers large-scale solutions with impact. Danni has had the privilege to speak at the 2021 United Nations General Assembly to launch Join The Chorus, a multi-industry pro bono effort galvanising over 80 volunteers to help end domestic and sexual violence for the Commonwealth Says NO MORE partnership.
At the end of their presentation, there was a very interactive session where Pamela and Danni responded to many questions from our Rotarians concerning the effect of the pandemic on domestic violence as well as educating children from an early age to recognize the signs of domestic abuse.
Please listen to the presentation on our YouTube channel, The Rotary Club of Princes Town and share with everyone as we all #jointhechorus and say #nomore to domestic and sexual violence.
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