Posted by Debbie Roopchand on Apr 19, 2017

Presentation on hypertension:

One of the benefits of being a club comprised of business and professional persons is that of being able to benefit from the knowledge and expertise of our members.

The Club was fortunate to have one of its Rotarians, Doctor Carlyn Rajnarinesingh deliver to its membership on the 19 April 2017 a comprehensive presentation on hypertension covering key areas such as cause, effect and treatment.

Rotarian Carlyn's presentation was interactive and informative and through her use of power point slides and photographs the topic was made digestible to Rotarians who asked many a question.

The Club thanks Rotarian Carlyn for her excellent presentation and as part of its ongoing effort of bringing knowledge to its members through the use of the skills of its in-house members is pleased to indicate that the next topic to engage the Club's attention would be that of nutrition in May 2017.