I joined the club just over 2months. Prior to my becoming an official member, I had the opportunity of participating in a medical at Kernaham, Mayaro. Whilst there, I witnessed firsthand the work of Rotary in assisting the underprivileged in our country. Over the years, I had always known of Rotary and participated in a number of events with my 2 older brothers but, never had I actually taken part in the field work done. At that medical I realized how much of a difference one can make by being a Rotarian and how much true team spirit can make a difference.

I learnt what a great team of individuals belonged to the Rotary Club of princes Town and realized  that it would b easy to get along with each and every one in the club.

1 month later, I was enthusiastic to head once again to the village of Kernaham to yet another event in hosting a movie night and children’s treat. The most touching moment was to hear the children unanimously agree to watch The Lion King, a movie filmed in 1994 which they had never seen before.

Being a movie enthusiast it was really moving to see the children enjoy a movie which most kids would have already seen before. It tells us that even in this day and age there is still a lot that needs to be done and by being a Rotarian we can make a difference to all.