Posted by Rhea Nobee on May 12, 2018
RYLA 2018, organized by the Assistant Governors in Trinidad, was held on Thursday 12th April 2018 and Friday 13th April 2018 at the YTEPP Building, Woodford Lodge Compound located in Chaguanas.   This year, the RYLA committee allowed 4 participants from each Interact Club to participant in the two-day event. The Rotary Club of Princes Town sponsored eight (8) students from our Interact Clubs of Princes Town West Secondary School and St. Stephen’s College to attend RYLA this year.
The facilitators/presenters included PDGs Lara Quentrall-Thomas, Steven Ramroop, Roger Bose, PAG Abriham Daniel, Deborah Jean-Baptiste, Surrendra Maharaj, and John Dasent. Some of the topics presented included Opportunities in TT for young entrepreneurs, Rotary Focus on Youth, Conflict Management and Problem Solving and Ethics of Positive Leadership.
The Interactors expressed positive feedback and were grateful to the Club for the exposure and experience.  They enjoyed themselves, made new friends whilst learning new material regarding leadership that can be useful in their daily lives. They all especially raved about the preference of the interactive method used in the presentations to convey the information as opposed to the traditional lecture style of presentations.