On Sunday 30th September 2018, the Rotary Club of Princes Town held its annual Family Day at the beautiful expansive private estate of Mr. Mannick in Dyer Village, Williamsville where our in-house expert chef Rotarian Jamir prepared a scrumptious meal of stew chicken cutters as appetizers, boiled corn, Chicken Pelau and Corn Soup served with a side of fresh salad prepared by President Crystal for lunch. Rotarian Patsy made her tasty, peppery mouthwatering five-finger chow that was quickly devoured by all.

The day rolled on with Rotarians engaging in lively banter with each other and others playing games of cards. But it was the fishing at the onsite pond that was the attraction of the day with almost all Rotarians, Partners-in-Service and children being involved. Congratulations to Partner-in-Service Amy who cleverly caught over 20 tilapia fishes! The day’s catch was cleaned, well-seasoned and pan fried on site by Chef Jamir as all Rotarians happily feasted on their catch of the day.
The Club expresses its heartfelt thanks to Mr. Mannick and his family for opening up their estate to us and allowing us to experience their piece of Paradise!