Yesterday afternoon December 10th, our club held a Virtual Christmas concert entitled, " A Light of Happiness, Humility and Hope," with a live recording at the Ste. Stephen's College Amphitheatre, which is to be broadcasted on CNC3 on Christmas Eve at 2:30pm.
Participating students and Interactors from Ste. Stephen's College, Princes Town west secondary, Tableland Secondary, Tabaquite Secondary and Moruga 5th Company Baptiste displayed God's given talent through Vocals, Dance and Steelpan whose hard work, dedication and discipline were portrayed today.
To the Anglican Board, principal and vice principal of the Ste. Stephen's College special thank you for your support.
To the Teachers accompanying the students, Mr Maharaj, Ms Ballah, Mr Joseph, Ms Bain, Ms Pierre, Ms Edwards and Ms Bishop, our heartfelt thanks.
To the decorating committee, Renu Boodoosingh, Sumintra Boodooosingh, Amelia Ayoung, Amanda Ali, Ethan Churaman, Justin Jaikaran, Ariel Mahabir, Shania Ramkellawan, Arun Mahabir, Carlton Fuller Lara Lee and Dale Fuller, your time, energy and effort was well noted, thank you.
It would have not been possible to pull this amazing display off without the patronage of the members of the Rotary Club of Princes Town and Partner in service Tara who assisted with the decorations.
In attendance to oversee this event were President Rishi, IPP jim and their spouses, PP Dr Gobin and Directors Lindsey and Rudy.
To the CNC3 Team we are forever grateful for your support in televising this event so we may spread the joy of the season with the entire nation.