The Rotary Club of Princes Town in collaboration with the Diabetes Association Trinidad & Tobago held a diabetes walk and free clinic in recognition of World Diabetes Day at the Princes Town Triangle. 

Diabetes is a non-communicable disease in which a persons blood sugar levels are too high due to either an inability to produce the hormone insulin (type 1), or to use insulin well (type 2). It is estimated that there are over 175,000 persons with Diabetes in Trinidad and Tobago. In 2018, Trinidad and Tobago was said to third highest rate of diabetes deaths in the world according the World Diabetes Report. 


Diabetes can be managed if caught early. A proper diet and exercise can help prevent the affliction of diabetes or mitigates it’s effects. If left untreated, it can lead to complications that include heart disease, kidney damage, and nerve damage. 


The events of the day saw members of the public having their blood-glucose (blood sugar) levels tested, and information being shared about how to manage diabetes risks. As the flu season is upon us, free H1N1 shots were also provided to persons. 


Addressing diabetes is one of the Rotary Club of Princes Town’s core areas of focus for the 2019-2020 year. We were proud to also see students from our Interact Clubs in attendance and participating in spreading awareness of this prevalent issue. 


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