The Interact Clubs of St. Stephen's College, Cowen Hamilton Secondary and Princes Town West Secondary School gathered at the Yolande Pompey Ground, Princes Town on 9th November, 2019 to host a community family fun day in honor of World Interact Week. 

Saturday’s scattered rainfall dampened the field but not the spirits of the young Interactors who lead the planning and execution of the day. President Lara Lee of the Interact Club of St. Stephen’s College offered “Together we (the clubs) came together to split the costs and the profits of this event so that we can fund our various projects. It was also an opportunity to being the clubs and wider community together. We advertised on social media and hope we have good turn out despite the weather.”


Indeed, the weather was no challenge for their planned activities. The day featured water balloon fights, tug of war, races, dart throwing and other outdoor activities. A plethora of items were for sale including drinks, BBQ, popcorn and snow cones. The DJ paused only to allow the young leaders to provide commentary for the events, announce door prizes, and the winner of the “best dressed” competition. 


For their effort the Interactors were patronized by the Rotary Club of Princes Town, members of the Princes Town Community, the Barackpore Police Youth Club, Parvati Girls High School Interact Club, and their school mates. 


As for their share of the proceeds, each President had their own unique and shared goals in mind. “My hope is to establish an Interact Wall at St Stephen’s and contribute to some school improvements” said President Lara Lee. President Chris Ramdeen of Cowen Hamilton also planned to improve his school but added that some of the funds will also be earmarked for the World Diabetes Day celebration and Christmas Treat. The share due to Princes Town West Secondary, according to Interact President Vidal Ramkissoon, will go towards a Christmas Toy Drive for an orphanage”. 



All Presidents extended a warm thank you to their supporters making special mention of fellow student Stacy Ramdhan and family for preparing the BBQ and Fareed’s Rental and Retail for the popcorn machine.