Posted by Rhea Nobee
Maraval meets Princes Town
The Rotary Club of Princes Town hosted Rotary Club of Maraval at the San Fernando Yacht Club on Wednesday 11th April 2018. As members were previously acquainted, the room was buzzing with small groups having conversations about the ambiance, the upcoming Anniversary celebration and building and strengthening friendships.
Members enjoyed a delicious meal under the beautiful moonlit sky to the sound of gently splashing waves. After dinner, the two clubs celebrated Rotarian Jamir’s and Pam O’Farrell’s birthdays by cutting a specialty cake in their honor.
Presidents Bashir and Maureen shared updates on the upcoming Anniversary celebration as members were very enthusiastic about this Jubilee celebration.  It was a soothing and relaxing atmosphere and members were in no hurry to go to their respective homes especially the members of Maraval Club. As President Maureen said, “this partnership doesn’t end here!”