In commemoration of World Forestry Day 2022 and as part of Rotary’s focus on supporting the environment, the Rotary Club of Princes Town completed an exercise to plant 40 trees at the Tableland High School.
President Rishi Ramlogan along with Rotarians Mark Ainsley John, Jamir Ousman, Justin Girdharrie, Nazim Mohamed and Michael Cooper-Ochiengh were assisted by the teachers and students of the Tableland High School. The Principal (Ag) Miss Audrey Jackson and teachers Peter Hosein, Josette Small, Natrisha Gangapersad and school worker Bhagwandath Gangapersad all assisted the students in planting these trees which will beautify the school surroundings, prevent soil erosion and provide fruits when mature. The trees planted were Barbados Pride, White Pommerac, Yellow Poui, Pink Poui, Black Poui, Balata, Almond, Passion fruit, Tacoma and Cypre. This is part of Rotary’s Environmental sustainability initiatives set out by RI.
Our President Rishi and Past President Jamir Ousman addressed 22 eager students on the process required in the formation of a Rotary Interact Club and explained in detail how the club is formed, student requirements, teacher support and what the next steps would be to form an interact club in the near future.
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